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Ph: 011-43126000

BHAGWATI HOSPITAL Sec-13 Rohini, Delhi-85


Advance Life Support Ambulance:-

24 Hrs Ambulance in case of Emergency

CALL : - 011-43126000

Equipped With :-

• Qualified Doctor & Nurses
• Transport Ventilator
• Oxygen
• Defibrillator
• Cardiac Monitor
• Pulse Oxymeter
• Nebulizer
• Emergency Drugs
• Amboo Bag
• Suction Machine
• Cardiac Monitor
• Other Miscellaneous Equipments

Ambulance is capable of providing treatment of life-threatening medical emergencies through the use of techniques such as endo- tracheal intubations, administration of drugs or intravenous fluids, cardiac monitoring, and electrical therapy by a qualified person.

Essential Medical Equipment and other items to be placed on Ambulance

    Ventilation and Airway Equipment
  • Transport Ventilator
  • Portable suction apparatus
  • Portable& Fixed Oxygen equipment with key wrench & trolley
  • Oxygen administration equipment
  • Pocket mask with one-way valve
  • AMBU Resuscitation Bags: Adult & Paed.
  • Intubation equipments
  • Airways
  • Oxygen saturation monitor with different probes for adult and child
    • Monitoring And Defibrillation
  • Automatic external defibrillator
  • Multi parameter monitor
    • Infusions
  • Syringe Pump

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